I feel,

Like a volcano,
When I am with you…
Active and ready
To erupt from a single
Ashes to ashes
You burn deep into my soul.
Your gaze melts my mind
My heart not too far behind. 

The Boot

What can I do when I am so into you

Now to think you don’t want me too

What started as your pursuit

Ended with me getting the boot

How did I get here?

Quickly without a single tear

I have not shed one drop

Nor will I until I am caught

In a flood of emotions

A taste of my love potion

At first I wasn’t interested

But you lured me in like the best

Man did you have me there

I didn’t know what to expect my dear

Now I know it was all a ploy

You wanted me for your little toy

Got what you wanted already

And now I’m tossed around like confetti

Unsure if what I felt was real

Or was it just me wanting to feel

The need to be desired

And now with you I am tired

No where to move on from here

All your efforts have disappeared

Gone are the compliments

Away with making me feel special

I thought you wanted me

Guess I was wrong and now I see

That we should move along

Before too long…

A Story for All Time

As much as I hate the fact that you never call,

It’s in the things we do together that make me fall.

I understand you are busy and stand by everything you do,

But I still wish you could tell me what’s deep down inside of you.

No reason to rush, I’ll walk beside you every step of the way.

I don’t need much, just to know it’s me at the end of the day.

I will be devoted to you; I will never let you down,

I’ll do everything I can to make you smile if I see you frown.

My mind always wanders to thoughts of you.

If only you knew or you felt the same way too!

What a love I could show you; what a wonder it’d bring.

Just tell me this isn’t just some kind of fling…

You’ve put some kind of spell on my mind, inside,

It sends all my thoughts into overdrive.

I feel so close to you like I’ve known you so long.

Is this just random or were we meant to be all along?

How is it possible for all aspects of our lives,

To be so congruent, as if it were all just a matter of time?

I know it seems deep, but soon you will see,

All things in our lives separately, lead it to being you and me.

Yes I can be pretty intense, I must admit,

But I like you a lot and I know we are a fit.

It seems you have a hard time showing how you feel.

Maybe you’ve been betrayed, hurt and haven’t healed.

Let me rest in your lap while we share our dreams.

One in the same, is this as real as it seems?

In sharing these words I give to you my heart.

Can you welcome it with warm arms and can we give this a shot?

Writing this has left me on the verge of tears,

But I’m trying to help break through all my fears.

Who knows if I’ll actually give this to you,

Knowing myself I’ll probably turn the page and start anew.

But this is different and I know that for a fact,

It is the story of our lives and this is only the first act.

Let’s make it a good one, a story for all time,

Something we always remember, for the rest of our lives.

While We Sleep

A chair walked
Because it had legs
Covering all the bases
Deemed strange instead
Evaluating the situation
Fear took the lead
Give me what I want
Have you no decency?
I heard what you said
Just tell me the truth
Keeping it to myself
Love you with all my heart
Must it be said?
Never letting go
Over the hills, far away
People can’t understand
Quality is judged wistfully
Return to the furniture
See it walk around
Told you it was true
Unsung with cause
Voices spread sound
While we sleep
You didn’t believe
Zealously we walk around 

You Don't Know Me

You don’t know who I am
Deep down inside I fear
That one day you will be gone
Far from my grasp
Attached at the hip
What was once love
Is now a faded memory

The distance broke us apart
Never brought back
Although we tried to make it work
You were too lost in mind
To see I was in love
With you now it is gone


What if we just held each other near
No arguments which leave me in tears
Hiding behind the walls where there's no love
There is a sense of being forever alone
Trying to fight the feelings because I'm scared to know
That someone else has the power to make my emotions flow
Without care is without pain
A simple story that ends without gain
Warmth from the friction of our skins rubbing together
Riding upon your waist keeps me light as a feather
Believe that there's a chemistry between us
Let it be your heart, not your mind which you trust 

I Win

Only memories
Hanging from trees
Trying hard to please

We try
Begin to fly
So way up high

I win
On a limb
Never feeling grim

To be
Can't you see
Live life so happily

The end
Know the trend
World not a friend